Sunday, September 1, 2013


Produced By Sunil Doshi
Directed By Sharat Katariya
Music By Sagar Desai
Rajat Kapoor Tisca Chopra
Purab Kohli Tara Sharma
Neel Bhoopalam Koel Purie


Set against the backdrop of your everyday world, 10ML LOVE - a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream,’ is a light hearted romantic comedy concerning the tribulations of a love quadrangle during a night of madness.



10 ml Love begins on a promising note. The characters are sketched and introduced well. Though Rajat Kapoor stands a little out of place, maybe a little too sophisticated for the roadside haqeem, he does well as the suspecting husband.

Few people remember Tisca Chopra from her younger days when she played the lead in Ajay Devgan and Prithvi starrer ‘Platform’. I believe had Platform been successful, she would have been in a much different league now. She certainly has earned better roles and success in her second innings and this role of ‘Roshni’ showcases her in a totally new light. If she was good in her single shade character of the concerned mother in ‘Taare Zameen Pe’, she is definitely a shade better in this role which gives her more hues to play with. Personally, I feel that her best is yet to come and she should be one actress (even in supporting roles) to watch out for. A good transition perhaps would be a negative character in some thriller.

Manu Rishi, has a smaller part in this movie as compared to ‘Oye Lucky ! Lucky Oye’ and again is another promising actor and can be very handy in earthen roles with comic shades. Tara Sharma kind of disappoints with her squeaky childish voice which now somehow doesn’t match her looks. She looks tired, worn out and jaded for playing a young bride. Purab Kohli does OK but isn’t real convincing in either of scenes. This is something the director Sharat Kataria should have sorted out while on the set or previewing the rushes.

Koel Purie does well in her range but audiences have seen better than this from her. Also, she could have made a better choice (or at least voiced a concern) on the bare back blue saree that she struts through the second half of the movie for one plain reason – it is a distraction in a frame. Even if the director wanted viewers to focus on other parts in a shot, she inadvertently draws attention to herself. Though, I couldn’t really understand the chemistry between her character and Purab’s completely, she certainly emotes better than Tara Sharma (but again sorry Koel, this isn’t too much of a compliment either).

10 ml Love is not ‘Bheja Fry’ and isn’t Rajat Kapoor’s best by any means and personally I would have liked to see Manu Rishi play Rajak Kapoor’s role in this movie and the story of Ghalib and Roshni given more focus than the others. I guess, in such a scenario you can’t really blame the actors. The director, the story and screenplay writer and the casting director must stand up and accept their fault.

Overall, a three in a five attempt but yet entertaining and a one time watch, if you do not think too seriously about how the plot unravels and from a brisk start nearly crawls through a predictable climax with magic love potions detonating a comedy of errors.

I am not sure if the movie would be playing anywhere anymore but then you can always catch it on a DVD or simply find it on YouTube. Maybe watch it for Tisca Chopra, if none else.