About Indian Cinema, This Effort & Me 

Watching movies is perhaps one of the most popular hobbies of people worldwide after eating and sleeping. Movies bring people closer to their dreams, to a life that they yearn for. It gives them an escape route from their own path.

Starting in 1913, the Indian film industry is nearly 100 years old. Not only the economics and art of film making has undergone a sea change in these last 100 years, the audience and the masses who have patronized this form of art have evolved as well. Click Here to know all about the history of Indian cinema.

I introduce myself as an avid movie watcher who has been brought up on a rich and regular diet of Hindi movies. I remember the time my family bought its first color TV way back in 1981, VCRs were making a foray into the Indian markets. I guess things were never same thereafter.

I inherited the love for Hindi movies from my dad who would gladly rent out a VCR (until we bought our own in 1985) and we would run a movie marathon on holidays watching at times 3 - 4 movies back to back. There was hardly any movie which could escape us (and I am necessarily talking the trash movies of 80s including films like 'Khatron ke khiladi', 'Daku Hasina', 'Sherni', 'Taaqatwar', 'Marte Dum Tak', 'Jungbaaz', 'Zalzala' I can go on and on.

The following years saw me follow each movie with a keen eye, looking up technical details and other aspects as well. The camera angles used, the way action sequences were synchronized and the songs were choreographed as well as the sets and costumes that were involved all formed a part of my discussions.

I would have gladly took up film making as a study (like million others I am sure) had it been a more permissible and financially viable option for average middle class Indians.

This page is an attempt made to vent out all the movie gyan that has been accumulating over the years and a means to document my reviews and opinions on movies that I have been an audience to.

In my coming posts I shall take up various genres of Indian cinema talking about movies that most people would not even have heard of (I am certain) and others that have interested me over the years. I shall also try and not limit myself to either the commercial masala movies, the parallel cinema or the B-grade stuff alone (Oh yes, I shall be talking a lot about those. I am a huge fan of Kanti Shah and Ramsay brothers).

So, join me in this journey into the world of movies and magic and freely comment upon the movies I showcase on this page and together let us try and bring some glorious and some lost names to the fore.

I shall look forward to hear from you.