Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It’s been a lot of weeks (months actually) since I last updated this blog of mine. Somehow, one thing or the other kept me away. Maybe the lack of responses or comments from friends and readers dissuaded me.

However, I began thinking recently that feedback was not the primary reason for initiating this blog – my love for Cinema in general and the common Indian passion for movies was.

So, in an attempt to revive this blog and to ferociously go on this, I am aiming to talk about various movies in the coming few weeks at the rate of about 2 movies per week.

I recently added about 25 movies from the art movie or parallel cinema genre to my DVD collection and I would be picking them at random and talking about some interesting cinematic experiences to begin with.

I am sure not many people would have heard about these movies. I shall talk about the basic plots, add a few screen captures and maybe upload some clips on YouTube (if it is not against copyright rules) as well for all those who share the same flair for Bollywood and cinema in general.

I am willing to loan these disks (mix of DVDs and VCDs) to friends and people who promise to handle them like crystal children and duly return them back in stipulated time frame… and yes, those who are willing to come and pick them up on their own or send me an advance courier fee :)

Here, is a glimpse of what I have on mind.