Tuesday, November 10, 2009

 Boman IraniBoman Irani


Produced By Shift Focus
Directed By Ram Madhvani
Music By Ram Sampath
Boman Irani Maia Katrak
Anahita Oberoi  

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Radhika Sareen (played by Maia Katrak) is pregnant and the baby is not her husband's. The dilemma is that if she tells her husband, how will he react? What will he do? The film un-spools from Radhika's mind as she imagines her husband's possible reactions to her predicament. She debates on whether she should tell her husband and plays out various scenarios in her mind about how he will react to her confession.


Often the greatest distance one travels in life is the distance which can exist between two people living together. This movie is probably one of the best case studies on human quandary about situations one can not run away from and the issues generally associated with communication or rather lack of communication in matrimony. It remains one of my all time favorites and incidentally is the first movie that I purchased online. The treatment to this movie is almost theatrical and it binds you till the end.

The range of emotions portrayed by Boman Irani leave you awestruck. From being suicidal in despair to being light headed about the whole situation, Boman does it all. He essays the jealous hues in a personality with as much ease as being practical or self piteous.

Boman IraniI believe that he beautifully portrays the egoistic shade in the character and takes it to a point where I guess anyone who watches his performance shall be able to identify a hue of this portrayal in their personality. The shot where he tries hitting a tennis ball with the umbrella and once he gets the shot after multiple attempts and then flashes from his balcony is simply outstanding.

Maia KatrakVery little is known about Maia Katrak outside this movie. Perhaps this is the only movie she has appeared in. The CD cover says that she has about sixteen years of experience in advertising business and runs her own creative shop 'The Republic' in Mumbai.  Incidentally she is also one of the writers for the movie and I believe she has done a tremendous job acting out her role too. She plays out her character of Radhika Sareen to perfection.  She looks suave and sophisticated and mesmerizes with her easy charm and makes you fall in love with her despite the difficult character she plays in the movie.


There is only one song in the movie and it plays as a subtle theme in the background. Nothing much to write home about on that front.


Let's Talk- 15I have already recommended this film to many a friends and would suggest this to all you married people out there to sit back and watch this movie with your spouse in one sitting. At times, it does become a little slow and personally I did not quite understand the significance of 'Krishna' sightings mentioned in the movie, but did feel the sequence where 'Radhika' dismisses the beggar dressed as Lord Krishna is thought provoking. Overall a good 4 out of 5, sincere attempt at movie making considering that it was a first for most of the cast and crew. My verdict go rent out the DVD, buy it from Shemaroo's web site or borrow it from me and do watch it.


Nishtha said...

Though i am unmarried but i would definitely want to watch this one. I wonder how I didn't come to know about the movie. Thanks for letting me know about it. I'll go and download it today itself.

Would want to know more of such interesting flicks.

Himanshu Tandon said...

Definitely dear. Shall be uploading a few more on similar lines soon. Drop me a mail about the movies you want featured on this and let me see if I can do that.

Roopa said...

A nice review... would love to borrow the CD sometime... keep it ready!!!